Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December Update (Portfolio Update)

Realized I haven't updated my portfolio page in awhile even though I have been giving monthly updates.

So here's the portfolio below! I have utilized a more accurate XIRR rate calculation for my returns.

Specific changes: additions of Altaba and Apple.

With these additions, I am going to pivot to more defensive stocks to add to the portfolio, as my current portfolio is one that is heavy on technology.

Future possible changes: still sticking to my point of view about Singtel, and will likely release the stock at a decent price point and if I want to free cash for other better alternatives.

Overall, am not too happy with the returns I have gotten this year, especially since I previously was investing with my savings and am now only able to increase my warchest since July this year (work work).

Lessons learned from investing this year : one too many.

I realized that investing has become a great hobby of mine, but acknowledge that active investing is taking up too much time for very little additional alpha. Nevertheless though, it is a source of enjoyment for me. Work my minions.


Updated Portfolio (4/12/2018)

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