Wednesday, October 17, 2018

On the topic of failing

More a personal thought than any.

I recently have been going through some difficulties at work and also in my personal life. It was not fun to check on my stocks and see a huge drop either. Sometimes it feels like my goals are not being achieved as much as I want them to be.

Such is life though. Last year, I had a cute little nephew joining the family. Today, my brother in law sent a video of him trying to stand up and walk. He would take a few steps and proceed to fall flat on his face. With my brother-in-law's encouragement, my nephew smiled, picked himself up and continued trying again, taking a few more steps every single time, and finally walked to his dad.

What happened to failing and trying again. Isn't that how we learn?

I need to remind myself of that, both in my life's journey and my financial goals, to learn from my mistakes and to be better.

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