Tuesday, October 30, 2018

1.5 Year Check-Point

It has been about 1.5 years since my decision to embark in early retirement (FIRE for anyone who knows about this).

Since the last time I posted about my portfolio, per the portfolio page, I have made some additional purchases to my investments.

I am currently behind both my investment and saving goals, so I will highlight a few reasons why and how I am going to adjust accordingly.

Firstly, I have made some entrances into Alibaba in the past few months, both at 172 USD and 143 USD, in addition to my original amount of 168.88. This has obviously not been great for my portfolio, especially since the current stock price is atrociously low for a company with such great returns.

Hence, I am buying more. As mentioned,  I will be investing in Alibaba till the end of the year, unless there are some significant and huge changes to their earnings growth.

The recent trade war has hit some of my stock quite badly. One particular one of note is Daimler, which has dropped by nearly 18% since my last two purchases. Some of this has been redeemed in terms of a decent dividend yield, so I will just maintain the level of the stock.

Design Studio was another stock that was hit pretty badly with their loss announcement. As much as I would want this to be a turnaround play, as per Peter Lynch's categorization, I got to admit that I went in at the wrong time for this one. The current price would be a better turnaround price than anything, though I would recommend people against going in with a large sum.

Barclay's is another long term dividend play that I foresee better returns with, what with the return of volatility in the market being ideal for investment banks overall. I am also holding long term on this one.

BUOU Fraser's is a consistent dividend play and will be something I might add on to in the coming months to tide through this volatile times. It's high occupancy rate is ideal for tiding through volatile changes in the market, providing a good and steady source of income.

Ah, Alphabet. Recent reductions in revenue GROWTH as compared to analysts' prediction has meant that the stock price has dropped a few basis points. Not concerned about this, as I am still seeing it as a good play. However, the current trade fears is evident in the stock price, and I will look into purchasing more of this after I am done with my Alibaba purchases of the year.


So far, I have been trying to save 10% of my salary as liquid cash, so as to provide a safety net for any extraordinary purchases and also as an umbrella in case of any unexpected unemployment (as unlikely as it may be).

My spending has been increasing due to a few responsibilities I have taken up at home and also due to just spending creep overall. I am looking to reduce this especially in terms of taking grab and eating food out. Since my insurance has been paid for the year, I am still looking forward to the bonuses and hopefully a pay raise next year that will be in line with my goal to retire young.

Possible adjustments

Currently, in spite of the temporary drop in my stocks, I am still okay with the overall returns since I started investing. I am taking this drop in the market as an opportunity to buy and hold stocks that I couldn't have gotten just a year ago, and will utilize it accordingly.

Cheers everyone.


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