Monday, August 13, 2018

Mid-August Short Update

I have been pretty busy with work lately, so keeping this short.

Dividends for Barclays has come in and I am converting it into shares. Honestly, I will have to admit it's based on my initial analysis of Barclays earlier. I did not consider the dollar to dollar equivalent or whether it was worth it to re-invest the money elsewhere; the dividend isn't large.

No new stock purchases, as I replenish my warchest and prepare to enter a new position. A lack of time to research and also frankly quite highly valued stock prices for great companies means that I have to settle for either undervalued and mediocre companies, or wait for Buffett's "great company at a fair value."

Design Studio tanked recently and I might take a look at the reasons why in a few days time and update. Overall not concerned, that's what the margin of safety is for. Also, time will tell whether it was a good choice or not.

Cheers all!

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