Monday, May 28, 2018

On my investing journey

I started this investing journey fully a year ago. I have determined that one of my main goals in life currently is to be able to retire at the ripe old age of 35, as mentioned in my previous post. This blog will serve to highlight my decision making, my learning from my reading, and some observation of the stock market as I go along.

Critical to ensuring the investing returns reach my required amount includes the need to study intensively both literature on investing and the stocks I have invested and will invest in. I believe in the teachings of value investing and the ability to buy undervalued stocks. To that end, I would recommend some books that any hopeful value investors should definitely read. These include : The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, Margin of Safety by Sleth Klarman and also Security Analysis, another book by Graham. Graham, as value investors may know, was the teacher of Warren Buffett. I have tried my best to follow the teachings of these masters of their craft, yet I must admit I differ sometimes when I go into my investments. Gradually, however, as I learn more about value investing, I see the advantages over speculations into growth stocks, which inadvertently, I had done.

My first stock I purchased was actually 4/5 years ago. Then, knowing nothing and thinking the stock market had no place to go but up, I invested two thousand dollars into a 400 dollar loss, into FJ Benjamin. Looking at the stock price now, I think it was evident how ignorant and lost I was while investing. Nevertheless, as I go along, a value investor converted, I will do my best to explain my logic behind my stocks, and also perhaps pen down some thoughts and ideas for later revision.

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